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Dragon: The Wild Yogi.

‘And now, listen with your heart. This is the most important part of the teaching, the silent teaching. What is marvelous is that the heart has absolutely nothing to say.

– Devi.

Often, at these times, Devi talked to me about her life and asked me about mine. The atmosphere was intimate and relaxed. Devi showed nothing of that aspect of impressive power I saw in her now and then. We were a woman and a man seated in a hut, completely occupied with the pleasure of conversation.

One day, I asked her what distinction she made between the Tantric Shivaic teaching, which sees consciousness as the receptacle of the universe, and Tantric Buddhism, which rejects consciousness as an illusory form. It was the debate between the Self and the Selfless that had mobilized great energies and had been the subject of polemics and councils, and grounds for mutual condemnation and rivalry. Devi laughed, taking on the vague and tender look she had each time she told me a story about her life.

“After leaving my master, I decided to go meditate in a cave, alone. Certain spots in the mountains, many days or even many weeks by foot from any village, have been known to ascetics for thousands of years, and often one becomes only one more occupant of a cave where dozens of sages have lived. Sometimes, one finds Buddhist sutras engraved in the stone, sometimes Sanskrit letters or mantras. The caves are often found in a place in the mountains that resembles a hive, and it happens sometimes that many dozen ascetics are living within the range of each other’s voices. There you find Tibetans, Hindus, tantrikas sometimes even Chinese and monks of the Small Vehicle with their saffron robes. I’ve even seen Japanese monks with their straw hats and black gowns.

“Sometimes, one of the hermits goes down to look for food. Sometimes they speak to each other as they draw water from the spring; they laugh and they dance, though the people in the valley can’t imagine it. Sometimes a hermit dies, and they burn him or bury him or leave him to the vultures. Sometimes a hermit gets sick or is taken by what we call ‘the immense fear.’ All hermits know this or will know it one day. It is the ultimate crack in the Self, the doorway of the divine.

“One day, a young hermit arrived in the mountains. He must have been about twenty-five years old. He was Indian, but he had followed the teachings of a Tibetan Nyingmapa master. He had done a six-year solitary retreat, at the end of which he had decided to live as a yogi. This young hermit was not like anyone else. At first, he was taken to be mad. It happens from time to time that a hermit loses his mind and wanders about in the mountains. Sometimes he spontaneously regains his sanity, sometimes not.

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Let Go.

Listen to me very carefully. Your problem has always been that you were too reluctant to consider new ideas, to put yourself in other people’s shoes, to ponder the life of a character entirely different to you. So, it was unavoidable that your journey came to this standstill, as honest living always comes up against walls that you have to break through, and those walls exist to make you question your own prejudice.

Life does it to everyone.

No matter what ideology you try to follow, if it is too contrived it cannot function. Life always puts people in situations that shatters their ideology… situations where they either have to stop holding on so hard – or perish. That is what death is all about.

Talking to others in order to reinforce your beliefs isn’t going to help so much at this point, as it will not be giving you solace. You hold several prejudices that you simply need to drop.

We’re coming to a shift in the world, where this lack of consideration that people have for each other simply will not do anymore. We’re coming to a tipping point… what the Revelations in the bible call Armageddon, which has been so widely misunderstood. Even there it says that only 100,000 people will survive Armageddon. Very few people strive to understand what that means.

Every single one of us are going to face a choice. The very same choice. Either to let the Universe work through us… or to perish.

And no amount of ideological bullshit is going to make a difference. Even now you can ask yourself, honestly – for once in your life – what has all your ideology done for you?

Absolutely nothing.

When you can be honest enough to admit that, then, you can find peace.

Every single segregation in Christianity, in Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism… every segregation is going to disappear, because the people who live life according to what makes them ‘different’ just can’t last in the new age. Only those who care about what makes us ‘similar’, will live on, and love on.

If that simple piece of emancipating clarity does not strike your core, then you will not find peace.

Tantric Sex – The Great Union.

An Excerpt from Daniel Odier’s Tantric Quest:

While we danced, Devi went to find the bottle of oil we’d bought at the market, and, all the time dancing behind me, she massaged my spinal column from the nape of the neck to the coccyx. Our dance became extremely slow. Devi told me to concentrate on the moon while her fingers came and went over my backbone. I had the impression that her movements melted my vertebrae, one by one, and gave them the suppleness of a single stalk that supported my body.

Devi sang, her voice never climbing above the lowest registers, and I had the sensation she was singing in the flexible cord of my back. I started shivering intensely, vibrating like a violin string, my gaze lost in the pale crescent of the rising moon. Little by little, these sensations would build and pass from the coccyx to my penis, which seemed a natural extension of my backbone. As during the first time, my penis became erect, arching toward the moon and this time my whole being shuddered, and I felt a sort of resonant humming that began in my spinal column and spread throughout.

Devi continued to massage me, never going below the coccyx. She stopped singing and began to breathe more and more deeply. I breathed with her, still fixed on the moon, feeling sexual excitement mount in me as if it crossed through the elements, entered through the soles of my feet, and traveled throughout my entire body.

The waves of orgasm swelled very gradually, accompanied by breathing, and three or four times I projected my sperm out into the night. Devi held me against her. I felt her warm body imprinted against my thighs, my back, my neck. I had climaxed without any direct sexual stimulation, and Devi took me in her arms, our bodies moving imperceptibly, united in the night.

‘Offer these lunar pearls to Bhairavi, the Great Shakti,’ murmured Devi.

One evening, Devi had me lie down on her blanket. She began singing while her hands, which she’d passed through the warm ashes, traveled up and down my body. She taught me the twenty-one secret energy points that are stimulated in massages and union rituals. I close my eyes and released myself to her caresses, which continued for hours. I felt each fiber of my body awaken to pleasure. The energy bonds grew little by little, and every part of me opened to all the others in a magical humming. My cells glided along in the stream of her voice, which played a part in my ecstasy. I began to vibrate like the string of a sarangi against the bow, and I emitted my own music. I felt the deep muscles of my abdomen relax and my legs shake. The strangest thing was that I had several orgasms followed by ejaculation, even though I had no erection.

I floated in sleep watching the beautiful face of Devi. I had experienced orgasm without direct sexual contact, orgasm without erection, and I suspected that I still had other discoveries to make.

A few days of leisure intervened between each of the diverse experiences that Devi put me through. They introduced me to a fundamentally different relationship not only with my body but with desire and possession of the other as well. Although Devi made me go through some intense erotic emotions, never did it occur to me to embrace her, take a turn at caressing her, or make love to her. I was completely absorbed in discovering another way of envisioning my relationship to the female, to the divine, to sexuality.

The next stage of my initiation into Tantric sexuality was even more strange. That night, near a good fire, Devi rubbed my body with oil and massaged me for a long time, sometimes brushing against my penis so that it became erect. Then, making me feel with her index finger the extremities of my deep stomach muscles, she asked me to breathe deeply enough to feel the air going from these points, near the pubic bone, to two points situated under the clavicle. That required extremely deep breathing, long and gradual, the effect of which was to make my penis go limp, its sexual charge dispersed throughout the entire body by the depths of my exhalations.

As soon as I stopped breathing this way, my penis grew hard again and was recharged with very localized excitation. After an infinite succession of these respiratory waves, I had the sensation of having a kind of dam around my penis, it’s floodgates opening as I wished, thus letting the waves of excitement spread into every hidden recess of my body.

For the moment, only the current of erotic excitement ebbed and flowed, but over the course of the nights that followed, I learned how the paroxysms of ejaculation could also be controlled by deep breathing, ebbing and flowing without the least frustration, since orgasm was really taking place but was not accompanied by ejaculation.

It must have taken about ten days for this stage to become a reflex in me. Each evening Devi introduced me to the most subtle sensations; then, using her hands or breasts or mouth, she slowly brought me to orgasm. At the moment of ejaculation, using her index and ring fingers, she pressed hard against the point situated between my anus and perineum or on another point three finger widths above the right nipple. I think had a violent orgasm without the slighted trace of ejaculation.

Then, slowly, she brought me right back to what had seemed an insurmountable threshold, making me discover pleasures more and more intense, eliciting a series of orgasms during which I lost not a single drop of sperm.

Over the course of the nights that followed, Devi taught me to achieve the same results myself without the finger pressure, simply by controlling my breathing and relaxing my deep stomach muscles. At first there were a few accidents to which she responded with laughter. The reflex wasn’t established for some days, but soon I succeeded in controlling ejaculation during totally free orgasms by myself. And believe me, this had nothing in common with the dreary coitus reservatus, contrary to what certain Tantric scholars claim.

In the beginning, Devi paused briefly at the moment of climax; then, little by little, she continued her stimulation, increasing the pressures of her tongue and her mouth as if to evoke my orgasm despite my deep breathing. Many times, she succeeded in making me come, which amused her to no end.

It was only after a good month of these very Indian games that I achieved the mastery necessary to practice the Great Union.

– Daniel Odier, from Tantric Quest.

Lovemaking in the Astral.

“This new civilization in Lemuria was developing quite well; everything was going along just great. But most of Lemuria eventually sank. About a thousand years before it sank, two people were there whose names were Ay and Tiya. This couple did something that no one else had ever done before, at least in our evolutionary cycle. They discovered that if you make love in a certain way and breathe in a certain way, you get different results when you have a child. Through the conception of that different kind of birth, all three of them—the mother, the father and the child—would become immortal. In other words, by having a baby in a certain way, the experience changes you forever.

Ay and Tiya suspected that they had become immortal, I’m sure, because of their experience. As time went on and everybody else started dying but they remained alive, people began to realize that they really did have something. So they finally set up a school. As far as I know, it was the first mystery school on the Earth in this cycle. It was called the Naacal, or Naakal (rhymes with McCall), Mystery School, where they simply tried to teach how to do this thing we call resurrection or ascension through tantra. Tantra is a Hindu word for yoga or union with God though sexual practices. (We have a lot to go over before we can understand exactly what they were doing.) Anyway, they did this and then they began to teach other people.

Before Lemuria sank, they had instructed approximately a thousand people, which means that about 333 families of three each were able to understand what they were doing and demonstrate it. They were able to make love in this unusual way. They didn’t touch each other, actually. In fact, they didn’t even need to be in the same room. It was interdimensional love-making. They taught others how to do it, and it was getting to a place where in another few thousand years they would probably have translated the whole race into a new consciousness.”

– From Drunvalo Melchizedek’s ‘The Ancient Secrets to the Flower of Life.’

The Meeting With the Goddess…

“The dance of death is the dance of opening. This is Kali’s experience of courage – to slice into herself. To be able to dance the dance of her own death. That is her finest hour.”

– Vivekananda.

“As change, the river of time, the fluidity of life, the goddess at once creates, preserves, and destroys. Her name is Kali, the Black One; her title: The Ferry across the Ocean of Existence.

One quiet afternoon Ramarishna (the great hindu mystic of the nineteenth century) beheld a beautiful woman ascend from the Ganges and approach the grove in which he was meditating. He percieved that she was about to give birth to a child. In a moment the babe was born, and she gently nursed it. Presently, however, she assumed a horrible aspect, took the infant in her now ugly jaws and crushed it, chewed it. Swallowing it, she returned again to the Ganges, where she dissapeared.

Only geniuses capable of the highest realization can support the full revelation of the sublimity of this goddess. For lesser men she reduces her effulgence and permits herself to appear in forms concordant with their undeveloped powers. Fully to behold her would be a terrible accident for any person not spiritually prepared.”

– ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces’ by Joseph Campbell.

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The Voice That Doesn’t Use Words…

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.”

– Rumi.

After reading a few wonderfully lucid, elegantly thought-through and layered article pieces by a spirited journalist, Judy Bachrach, I did a little research on her and discovered she has written a book. It is exciting that she has written on one of the most irreconcilable topics of our day; a topic surrounded by taboo, by the terror of the unknown, and on the very phenomenon that we all know will visit us inevitably: Death.

She has created this work like weaving a great story, yet she approaches it with such a soberness, allowing all the facts to unravel, allowing the contradictions to push and pull at each other, perhaps especially on herself – who previous to taking up this research had no opinion on life after death whatsoever. If any, it was that death was just that, death, and you cease to exist. Even though she has had no personal experience of near-death herself, the flavor of her will to examine the evidence and find them uncannily provoking lights up like fire on the page. Highly Recommended Reading!

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Highly Recommended Films – Rare Gems!


MV5BNTIwODEyNjgwNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODE0ODg3Mg@@._V1_SY317_CR2,0,214,317_AL_1. “Five Minutes of Heaven” is about revenge and forgiveness done in the most powerful way. (Click here for IMDB Info).



MV5BOTY4MTA5NDk3MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTA5MDgxMTE@._V1_SX214_AL_2. “K-Pax” is about a magical episode between a psychologist in a Mental institute and his mysterious patient. (Click here for IMDB Info).



MV5BMTc0Nzc5MDEzN15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjc2NTEyMQ@@._V1_SY317_CR7,0,214,317_AL_3. “As Good As It Gets” is an incredible story of an ‘obsessive compulsive.’ (Click here for IMDB Info).



MV5BMTc5OTk4MTM3M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODcxNjg3MDE@._V1_SX214_AL_4. “Edge of Tomorrow” is about never giving up in the face of the impossible. (Click here for IMDB Info).



MV5BNDc5OTM3MTQ0Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjEyODcwOA@@._V1_SX214_AL_5. “Craigslist Joe” brings faith in humanity. (Click here for IMDB Info).



MV5BNDUzNjYwNDYyNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjU3ODQ0MQ@@._V1_SX214_AL_6. “The Lives of Others” is a true sonata for a good man. An absolute gem of awe-inspiring courage. (Click here for IMDB Info).



MV5BMTk0NTEyNzEwMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNjcwNTcxMTE@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_AL_7. “Wag the Dog” is rollicking fun on the mastery of ‘spin’! (Click here for IMDB Info).




The films I just gave you only work when you are prepared to really open up. You are going to have to fully step into the world of these characters and live their story with them. These films shook me up, caterpaulting me into another world, returning infused with SPIRIT.

The Seduction of the Divine.

I’m going through an intense process right now where I’m learning the way of the heart. It’s something totally new to me. It has felt like a knowing beyond thought or emotion and it has been powerful. We’ve been in this pilgrimage and staying true to that, the truth that I cannot even see. I find myself standing in pitch darkness, as this way of living, feeling and breathing is not something familiar to how I used to be, but with some profound sense of grace that seems to keep guiding me, as I stand firm in the dark, I begin to see even the dark transformed into a kind of light… I am still learning to find the words to be able to express this in a very grounded and practical way, but trust me on this – this way that I am discovering is revealing itself to be far more practical and efficient than anything else I have ever known. I believe the words through which I can express this to others will come more clearly in time.

The simple joys of life… it’s actually what I am also using as a foundation for every step that I am taking now… a foundation of keeping the simple pleasures as a real treasure and gift… and it seems to propel me somehow to a deeper sense of knowing who I am.

I guess that is the question that has gained in intensity for me over the years, to truly know what and who I am; not merely as a soul, but as a presence – in my very essence – beyond this body and my circumstances… it is not only for me that I ask this question, but out of love for the world and everyone and everything that I cherish.

There is an old saying that I am truly beginning to understand now – you may have heard of it – “Physician, Heal Yourself First!” Only then can I truly help to heal others, by resolving my own blocks and fears. I feel this is a worthy path – a powerful way to walk in life. My deepest love to you and for you.

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I Am Lost (A Poem – A Vision – A Lucid Dream.)

They say the Buddha sat under a tree…
and let the whole world come to him…
this is not literal,
and yet in some magical way,
it is entirely literal.

I have to be at peace with myself –
Even if I am not out on an invigorating pilgrimage,
Where the strings of my essence merge with
the potent lay-lines across the world…
Experiencing the sunsets on the clifftops…
Where divinity once stood in flesh…

I have to be at peace with myself –
Even when hung tight, and crouched
like a fetus in the corner of the room…
A shadow of something fragmented…
Strolling through hell…
A God in Ruins…

I have to be at peace with myself –
Even when smouldering with exaltation,
Even in the face of abject degradation,
Praised for being of luminous caress,
Taunted for being the butt-of-all-jokes,
Loved for being truth undercover…
Hated for such circumstance…

And then I fell into a dream:

I am lost…
I have no idea where I am at all…
I try to find a place-mark… turn 360 degrees
and come face to face with the beach…
The Sea!

Staring back at me,
is the most breathtaking Mahavishnu temple I have ever seen…
There is no such temple on Earth with as majesty an architecture…
This surely must be a dream!

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